I have fourvdifferent programs. three of them are windows application with 3 forms in it and other is WpfBrowserApplication. I want to run 4 programs with users choice(with the button).
I can do it with windows forms.
for web application i added the project here. and did:

private void button4_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            WpfBrowserApplication1.Page1 aa = new WpfBrowserApplication1.Page1();


WpfBrowserApplication1 is the namespace.
to run this i have to add some reference. which are they?
i already added system.web.services and system.web.applicationservices.

I've never written a web application before so I could be wrong here.

I don't know if you can really do this.

If you have 4 different applications and a "host" application, and the host application has 4 buttons, each starts one of the 4 programs, the web program would just have to start a web browser (probably IE for the better compatibility reasons) and then have that browser navigate to a server hosting the application.

I dunno though.

I would just re-write the web application to a form app. Just my 2c