Hi started learning c from book "let us c". I noticed that I can't find string unformated functions such as putch,putche or stricmp? Are these funtcion are part of standart?

If possible get a good book like K and R and start your programming in C. Its always better to struggle at first as it lays the foundation strong.

are these not any more part of standart?

That's correct. Those are library extensions provided by some compilers.

THANKS narue, I think I 'll keep reading the book, while I get a better one, anyway I just gathering knowledge I already know c++, so just want to catch up with the unsaid "stuff" in c++.

In my experience Let us C is one of the best books for the C programming language. Try finishing the book completely.

As for your question the functions you mentioned are provided in string.h ... Depending on the compiler that you are using you may or may not have it.