I have a xsl file

Here I have the HTML code to display a webpage, inside i have a table that fills the rows with data from an XML file.

I created a link that has the href attribute filled with data from an element in the XML file.

First of all, the link appears but I cannot click on it.

Second of all, for instance in chrome, if I click a link that takes me to the main page, (this link is not generated by the XSLT is part of the normal HTML, it takes me to the page but the CSS is not applied properly.

Also, I have a javascript function to change the CSS Stylesheet and in this xsd file does not work.

I'm new to XSLT but I don't know why is this happening

Thanks in advance

a bit of code would be useful

otherwise it is recommended

Ok, there were a lot of problems, first of all was the <script> tag, i had to put a comment inside because the javascript file was external.

Then the links were not clickable because I used Xsl value of select, strange if I used {} instead it worked.

Thats all

Thanks anyway

You do not want help?

without code it is not solvable

yes you can fill your data values ​​with peusdo