Hi all,

I am using Eclipse to create a slideshow program. Currently have anything set up and it works fine. However I would like my BufferedIamges to be made into a video with a time frame of 15seconds for each picture. I only want to have maybe up to 4-5 images. Is this possible and if so any code I should take a look at. Im not a wizard at java so im hoping that there are small sniplets of code that will do this fine. Dont want to use 500 lines of code, just something simple up to 20 lines or something that I can understand.

Thanks in advance

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You can find it in the following book-

Filthy Rich Clients Developing Animated and Graphical Effects for Desktop Java™ Applications


Chet Haase
Romain Guy


Hi Sourabh17,

I've looked up the book and it seems great for what I want to do and also has lots of stuff for other things I was interested in.

Just wish I found out 6months ago!!

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