i really need help writing this program please i cant do it............
the instructions are....

a mail order house sells five diffrent products whose retail prices are shown in the followingtable:

product# retail price:
178 $2.98
185 $4.59
199 $9.98
208 $4.19
288 $6.87

there are several permanent customers who are ordering these products every month . the program should accept (for every customer) pairs of numbers (product num and quantity sold)and calculate the total retail value of all products sold last month. 8% discount is applied if the retail value exceeds $200.
Program output should include customer's ID (4 digit number) and total retail value for each customer . in additon the program should calculate and displayhte number of customers , total sales and average retail value.
the program should also allow user to run multiple sets of data and to terminate the program when there is no data anymore.

thank u
your help will be appriciated a lot......

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Have you tried yet?

You might want to use a struct/class for C/C++.

ya i tried to work on it for hrs ...no...days....but i cant just do it ....im just not a programin wiz.... :)

post your attempt

I first worked out how to write the code that i could only input one item and forget the loop for now.
C++ Code:
int product[] = { 178, ...};and one for
C++ Code:
double retail_price[] = {2.98,...};

did not help im even more confused...... can anyone really help me .....please....this is due 2morrow.......

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