I would like to make a LUDICROUSLY high number calculator in Python.
I am thinking 60 numbers and a decimal point. So numbers could be in a format like these:
60 numbers, 30 numbers decimal point 30 numbers (30nums.30nums), or decimal point 60
numbers (.60nums). E.g.


But, I am wondering if Python has anything that would support such large numbers (including
math functions)? If not, I think I can program the whole process myself, but I'd prefer
not to. :)

Any ideas welcome!

- WolfShield

There are different libraries for big floating numbers in python, most of them based on the gnu multiprecision library see bigfloat and gmpy and also clnum.

See decimal package:

>>> from decimal import *
>>> getcontext().prec = 100
>>> Decimal(1).exp()
>>> Decimal(1).exp()**34

It is missing trig functions however.

I'll try BigFloat and Decimal!

Thanks a lot guys!

- WolfShield