I installed Xampp on my server(windows 2003).I am having perl script(i.e cgi program).Inside cgi program, i wants to use HTML HYPERLINK-that should points to my PHP program and plus i wants to pass one parameter to this hyperlink.

Is it possible to call PHP script?If is it possible means, please see my line coding

print "<tr><td>";
print "&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp<a href=c:/xampp/htdocs/test.php?emp=$id target=workwind>Uploading</a>";
print "</td></tr>";

In above, if i need to made any changes means please give your coding.Then how can i get the parameter emp=$id in test.php. Please help me out.Please check my PHP path also.

thanks for your hint. How can get the HYPERLINK value in the test.php file. Then it is possible to call PHP file(by HYPERLINK) inside cgi script. Need some more information or help.