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I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. Perl can be used to send lots of different signals to just about any device that can receive them. If you're asking if Perl runs on any mobile devices, it absolutely does. iOS, Android, and webOS are all starting from a Linux base. Android has a native application to create and run Perl scripts on the Android platform, and I'm sure there are similar applications for iOS and webOS.


After reading your earlier post, I think I understand. In order for Perl to connect to a mobile phone, the mobile phone would have to be running something that is expecting connections from that Perl script and then done something based on the instructions sent to it. That basically means the phone will be operating as the server. That becomes very complicated. Try to think about it in the reverse -- use the phone to connect to the Perl script and tell it what to do using one of the methods that already exist on the phone -- MMS/email/HTML, etc.

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