i need to finish this program by friday at 8:00am i know im new but i have a lot of work done so pretty much here is what i have.


programmer defined function for into - check
user must input element statistics into element_t im pretty sure i made that
programmer defined function for scan_element to get element stats and store them into element_t
print function that prints the heaviest element

now it all worked until i broke it up into pdf's so i think i jsut had issues with passing data, but im burned out and cant see in my code anymore so im asking for help.

#include <stdio.h>                    //got your standard input output header here
typedef struct element_t                //defines element as a data structure
int atomic_num; char name[20]; char symbol[3]; char class[20]; float weight;
} element_t;                               //sets new type called elem
void intro_display (void);            //intro message for end user  
void scan_element ();       //programmer defined function for  scan_element
void print_element (element_t *,int);       // programmer defined function for print_element			
int main(void)                        //this is the start of the main function
element_t elem[4];
scan_element ();
print_element(elem, 4);            //calls PDF power_elem
return 0;                    
void scan_element ()
element_t elem [4];                 //initializes 4 element types
int i=0;                             // i is the variable used as a control for loops
for (i=0; i<4; i++)                  //loops input so that four elements may be entered in the data type elem
  printf("\n What is element number %d's atomic number? ",i+1);		//prompts for the atomic number to be entered.
  scanf("%d", &elem[i].atomic_num);	 //inputs user data to element's atomic number portion of the structure
  printf("\n What is element number %d's full name? ",i+1);		//prompts for the element number to be entered.
  scanf("%s", &elem[i].name); 	// inputs the name of the element into the name portion of the elem structure
  printf("\n What is element %d's symbol? ",i+1);			//prompts the user to input the symbol or the element
  scanf("%s", &elem[i].symbol);	//inputs the symbol of the element into the name portion of the elem structure
  printf("\n What is element %d's class? ",i+1);			//prompts the end user to input the elelment's class.
  scanf("%s", &elem[i].class);	//inputs the elements class type
  printf("\n What is element %d's atomic weight? ",i+1);		//prompts the user to input the elelments atomic weight
  scanf("%f/n/n", &elem[i].weight); //inputs the elements atomic weight into the weight portion of structure elem
void intro_display()
  printf("Welcome to Bryant's Official Atomic Weight Tabulator");
void print_element( element_t *chem_ptr,int size)
printf("\n    Atomic number | Name | Symbol | Class | Atomic wieght");	//a table top that breaks the file into categories
if(chem_ptr[0].atomic_num > chem_ptr[1].atomic_num)
if(chem_ptr[0].atomic_num > chem_ptr[2].atomic_num)
if(chem_ptr[0].atomic_num > chem_ptr[3].atomic_num) 	// simple sort function useed to determine if element 0 is largest
printf("\n%d		%s	%s	%s		%4.2f \n\n", chem_ptr[0].atomic_num, chem_ptr[0].name, 
chem_ptr[0].symbol,chem_ptr[0].class, chem_ptr[0].weight);	// if the condition is met its stats are printed
else if(chem_ptr[1].atomic_num > chem_ptr[2].atomic_num)
if(chem_ptr[1].atomic_num > chem_ptr[3].atomic_num)		// because chem_ptr[0] has been eliminated the test is even smaller but that same concept applies
printf("\n%d		%s	%s	%s		%4.2f \n\n", chem_ptr[1].atomic_num, chem_ptr[1].name, 
chem_ptr[1].symbol,chem_ptr[1].class, chem_ptr[1].weight);	// if the above conditions are met the results are printed
else if(chem_ptr[2].atomic_num > chem_ptr[3].atomic_num)	// using the logic above the if statement becomes even smaller
printf("\n%d		%s	%s	%s	%4.2f \n\n", chem_ptr[2].atomic_num, chem_ptr[2].name, 
chem_ptr[2].symbol,chem_ptr[2].class, chem_ptr[2].weight);	// also if the condition is met it is printed to the screen
  else if(chem_ptr[3].atomic_num > chem_ptr[2].atomic_num)	// using the logic above the if statement is at its final stage
   printf("\n%d		%s	%s	%s	%4.2f \n\n", chem_ptr[3].atomic_num, chem_ptr[3].name, 
chem_ptr[3].weight);						// if the conditions above were not met this is displayed to the end user.

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Yes, by the looks of it that is C++, you will get much better help in the correct forum.

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