Hey, so im making this game, and at the moment im using PlaySound() which is a function of windows.h to play my sound files. Ive got a problem though, i now want to be able to play more than one sound at the same time, and only now do i see that this function doesnt do that unfortunately.

So ive downloaded directx 9 SDK, with the intent of using directsound to do this.

Im stuck because i

1)dont know how to link dsound.lib to my project
2)dont know the functions to play sounds
3)dont understand if i need to add additional code to configure directsound
4)cant find the information on google to solve the above problems

Im using Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 express edition.

If there's anyone with experience using directx i would be very grateful if you could give me advice. Thanks very much

maybe not so well for me then, i cant find the answers to my problems. do you think you could run them through quickly?

Did you give the tutorial a go and run into a specific problem? Or would you like someone to rewrite a tutorial here? Just glancing at the link givin to you I found the answer to question 1 in the first couple paragraphs. Question 2 is a few lines down from that. question 3 will be obvious when you write some of the code in the tutorial and get it working correctly. Question 4 was proven to be true by the link duoas provided you with.