For my code I need to change a arrayList to a string array.

I did it like this

ArrayList tempList = new ArrayList();
//some code to put strings into the list
stringArray = (string[])tempList.ToArray(typeof(string));

It's the last line I don't get. In the ToArray method you set the type as a string[], so why do you still need the cast?

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ToArray() attempts to cast all the objects into the type specified (the typeof part). It then returns a generic Array type. If you don't want to use the Array type, you have to cast it into the type you want (the string[] part).


string[] result = ( string[] )myArray.ToArray( typeof( System.String ) );

I see, thank you =)

string[] strArray = arrList.ToArray(typeof(string)) as string[];

pls try this code for change array list to string liost

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