Does anyone know of some 3rd party libraries that can simplify working with XML through Java, because as we all know the normal SDK's libraries are terrible..

Thanks in advance!

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Dean in would be helpful if you provided little more details, because at this moment any XML library fit your question profile. To get you started you may want to have look at Xstream that simple library to serialize XML to Java and vice versa


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Thanks for your replies! I don't need a parser, sorry for being a bit too unclear. Here's the low down:

You all know XPath, now xpath lets you query and get values in xml documents quite easily, now what I want, is to also be able to update the data in the given tags. XPath lets you just query, I'm wanting to also update...

And I can't find anything that does that, it's weird that XPath doesn't let you do this in the first place...


If you want to work with DOM, JDOM is very easy to use.

As far as replacing values found with xpath, you just alter the elements and then write the document model back out to the file.

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