I want to create a software in Java that submits same/similar data to multiple web forms (eg submit link data to link directories).

What I want to do is, ask the user initially for the data that is to be submitted, and then go to the web form, open it, show only the captcha from that web form on screen, and the end user now has to fill in the captcha. After that, the form is submitted correctly with all data required by it.

Should I manually create the entire data to be sent by that form in code, or should I simply open that form and show only captcha?

Also I prefer latter approach (that I open that form directly) but in this scenario, how do I show only the captcha for user to fill in?


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Have you looked at how to read an HTML page with a form tag, parse out the parts you need to fill in and how to recognize the captcha image and display it?


Can you point me to some good resource that shows how to implement the work that you have mentioned (ie. "read an html page with a form tag, parse out the parts you need to fill in ......")?

I am unable to find a good resource for this


There are probably sample pieces of code on the forum.
One: send the HTTP GET to read the html from the server
two: Parse HTML to find the <FORM tags

I've no idea how the captcha image is displayed. Perhaps by an <IMG src=

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