Ok I need to know how to fill in blanks on a website. My example is if I wanted to fill in First name, second name, address on a website and repeat. Can someone help me with this. Some people say its called a "bot"

Salem commented: Spammer wannabe -4

Not to pry into your personal business, but why would you want to do this, besides to spam somebody else's site?

If you've been tasked with data entry to pre-populate a website, it would make more sense to enter the data into the back-end of the website, rather than through the front-end.

If you've been tasked with testing the front-end by inputting a specific set of data, there are various website test suites that could help you with your job. Try Google.

Anything else?

You can use your browser and setup an autofill option, so that when needing to fill out a form, the browser can try to autofill it. Other than that, you need to justify why you would want to do this.

Honestly I can't tell you why. But (even if you don't trust me) it's not illegal and will not harm anyone else's website. Sorry it took me so long to reply

Check out the 'curl' package. It should at least get you started.

Ohh look, cross posting
You're already comfortable with manual spamming, I see no reason to help you automate the process.

@Salem: Whatever makes you feel comfortable with yourself. I honestly need to do this for a project. I can't tell you what it is because I'm selling the idea but they want me to make a simple program of it first. I'm newer to programming but I still thought of the idea. So go ahead and believe whatever you want to believe the fact is you just decided something based on finding two similar posts on the internet. Fact: the internet is full of repeated questions.

@olelink as you already seen people are not willing to help because they do not trust you, your judgement, your possible needs.
By demand post closed another like this it will be treated under Keep It Legal rule

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