i have used ireport tool for creating jrxml template for creating chart(XYLine chart).
and i used this jrxml file in java code to create chart.
Here i passed csv file as data source.
Now i can freely change color,title,subtitle,font ect from java code .
what i want is how to draw a horizontal line in that chart at particular point through java code.
Please suggest me in a right direction.

Thanks in Advance.

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I guess I'd read the API doc for the package and see what it offers.

Can any one tell me how to edit series expression of chart through java code?
thanks in advance.


I'm new to Jasper reporting and it will be very helpful to me to know how to add a horizontal line (Showing average value in Y axis) dynamically to a Line chart in jasper reporting. I am familiar with customizer class and I want to clarify whether it can be done through cutomizer class.

Any help is appriciated


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