i need it can some one help me out with it

quest -- write a program in c to input any 10 numbers and print how many are even and odd

waiting for responce

Salem commented: How about make an effort rather than dumping your assignment and waiting for spoon-feeding -4
Clinton Portis commented: what the hell's your problem boy -2

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That's easy: None of them are even and odd.

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Why don't you give it a try. If your stuck on something post it. We can surely do this for you, but then when time comes for you to work on your own, then your gonna have a heck of a hard time. So start early and start now. So take a stab at it and post back

That's easy: None of them are even and odd.

commented: Spot on. +5
commented: Well played. +7

Hint1: How would you find out if a number is even or odd, say if you were doing a math assignment?

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