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If you are very good in java basic concepts , then try to prepare for Sun certified java programmer (SCJP) from now onwards...

off course, SCJP does no longer exist. the name has been changed when Oracle took Java over from Sun.

well ... actually, the most known 'contests' of java for students I'm aware of, are exams. Sure, certification is a very good way to improve your knowledge about Java, but .. first of all, you'll first need to check whether you want/need to know Java in the depth that is required for certification. For instance, if you only have a 'one hour a week' course of Java, and at the end of the year you're only supposed to understand the basics, it might be a bit overwhelming. not to mention that participating in such an exam is not exactly free.

if you're willing to spend about 350$ and you have the time to study for the exam.. go for it, but if you want a free alternative, the Oracle certification program is not really what you're looking for.

maybe you could ask your teacher for some additional exercises? I mean, after all, he'll know better than any of us what you've seen, and what you're supposed to be able to do with your knowledge by now.


off course, SCJP does no longer exist. the name has been changed when Oracle took Java over from Sun

Yeah..scjp still exists but its now OCJP..however the pattern and syllabus of the exam is the same except the name.

Its well known fact that the preparation for certification exams cannot be done in a week or two. If you think that you are a java nerd and you have very good basics then certification is an valuable option.

If you are more interested in java ,starting preparation for Oracle certification from an highschool onwards is a good option.


well ... I had 2.5 weeks prep time for the OCJP, didn't get the best result ever, but I did pass on the first attempt.

now, what I ment is, he(/she) states to be a highschool student. so chances are, he just wants to learn a bit to have a bit more knowledge for his next year. yeah, maybe he wants to go way into java, and then, maybe certification is not a bad idea. but if it's just for the purpose of having a bit more understanding for highschool classes, paying over 300$ while (maybe) not even passing, might be a bit too much.


Passing the exam will be easy but scoring more is what which shows the understanding of java.

Anyway...writing the exam may cost but preparation will cost nothing.

Preparation is what i was emphasizing from starting post and whether taking the exam or not is the secondary thing and depends on one's own interest. Perhaps we should take certification exam only if we feel we are strong technically(and ofcourse financially).

Technology costs. But knowledge doesn't ----Anonymous

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