I really want to help here. It's just that I still don't understand exactly how the user interaction is supposed to go, so I can't suggest any coding techniques.

It sounds like a pretty standard thing you are trying to do here, and the usual solution goes like this:
Initially A shows "Apple/Oracle/MS..."; B and C are blank
User selects MS, B is populated with list of MS products; C is still blank.
User selects "Office" from B, C is populated with "Word/Excel/..."
... uses selects from C, selection process is complete OR
... user selects another product from B, C is re-populated appropriately OR
... user selects another manufacturer, B is re-populated appropriately; C is cleared

Instead of clearing/populating entries you can instead have them all present but disable/enable them.

But none of your descriptions seem to match this standard model - how exactly does your desired solution differ from that?

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Glad you've grabbed this one.

user in row1 -> select microsoft (column a) , column b populated in row1 only not in all rows............ This is my problem. java populate combo box b for all rows ... i want it to remain row specific... Make a small program and u will see what happen...


I'm really sorry. Maybe this is just a language thing. I honestly do not understand what you are saying.
In your example col B should allow the user to pick office or sqlserver or windows; right? How is that possible if you only populate row 1?


Check this

Yes, of course. So what? Why would you enable the OK button when the user selection is incomplete? How does this relate to the previous questions?


i just made it simple , if this question solve other solve too....

In the above pic i selected column b but where is column a for that row........ I think u get it.... I want user to select column a then b and then c .... he cant run from that row where he select column a until he select column c.


We're going round in circles here, just like you did with Norm. I can't help you if you don't respond to my questions or say anything I can understand. Sorry. Good luck anyway.

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Seems like very difficult question......... i m closing this thread... thanx for helping.

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