Im trying to get the smallest number out of a series of user generated numbers.
i can correctly get the largest number but i always get the negative 99 for the smallest.
im working out of a c++ book that does not provide solutions, i tried to catch the -99 but it didn't work
as you can see i commented it out.

i know someone is going to suggest it (dont use a neg number or try an array)
but the challenge says to do it WITHOUT using arrays and i HAVE to use -99 to quit.

any suggestions

int main()
    int counter, input, largest = 0, smallest = 0;

 cout << "Please enter a series of numbers so i can find the largest and smallest." << endl;
 cout << "Enter -99 to indicate you are done entering numbers." << endl;


        cout << "number: ";
        cin >> input;

//        if (input == -99)
//        {
//            input = 0;
//        }


        if (input < smallest)

            smallest = input;

        if (input > largest )
            largest = input;

   } while (input != -99);

    //always gives -99
    cout << "After searching the smallest is: " << smallest << endl;
    // correct largest
    cout << "After searching largest is: " << largest << endl;

    return 0;
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Re: i get the right large number but not smallest 80 80

That would mean you should be searching for numbers that have nothing to do with -99, and when you want to quit the application -99 then becomes important. Your code looks like you are a C++ beginner, and I think you don't rest too much in a simple question, I would bet you are best to find your own way, and I would provide these most helpful references, please do become a better programmer. For our and your own sake.

Re: i get the right large number but not smallest 80 80

Firstly, whatever compiler you're using seems to include <iostream> without you asking it to, and also ignores namespaces. You should get a better compiler. There are many free options.

As for why the smallest comes out to -99 every time; it's because the smallest number you enter is -99 (here's an experiment - try entering one of the number as something even lower, like -100). The check for when to exit the loop happens after running through the loop.

Re: i get the right large number but not smallest 80 80

Do not also forget to test values where largest is less than -99.

Re: i get the right large number but not smallest 80 80

First of all, is this the cropped version of the code, or you didn't include <iostream> header and the std namespace? You'll need to include this in order for cout, cin and endl to work properly.

#include <iostream>
using std::cout;
using std::cin;
using std::endl;

And in your do-while loop, when you enter a value, let's say -1, the number -1 is assigned to variable "smallest". And in second round of the loop, you enter -99. Now -99 will be assigned to variable "smallest", before the do-while loop terminates. That's why the final value of variable "smallest" is always -99.

Of course, your way of "catching" the -99 is not going to work, cause whenever you enter -99, input's value will be changed to 0, thus the do-while loop's not going to stop.

One of the ways to solve this problem is, you can change the do-while loop to a infinite while loop, and when -99 is entered, use the "break" keyword to terminate the infinite while loop.



     if(some_value == 1) break;
     else { 

              // blabla something something


Re: i get the right large number but not smallest 80 80

You are on the right track but you don't want to change what input is with your if statement. If you change line 21 to break; it should do what you want it to do.

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