can you please help us in our thesis project. Give us some latest proposal title. Thankyou!

commented: Lazy. -3

If you can't show any effort why should we?

nagmula ka sa tatay mo. WALANG RESPETO! HINAYUPAK KA!

Not learning the rules and following them, doesn't show any respect either.

Ang hindi pag-aaral ng mga patakaran at pagsunod sa mga ito, ay hindi nagpapakita ng anumang paggalang.

hello guys!!
i need some help here...
i don't have a specific topic proposal...
my topic is using wedsite for our online uniform

i am stiil studing

It's not up to anyone but you to pick a topic. Have you ever seen Howie Mandel (in his old stand-up days) doing improv?

  1. OK guys. Give me an occupation.
  2. Now give me a city.
  3. Now give me a situation.
  4. Now give me some funny things to say.

If you don't have any ideas then maybe you are studying the wrong thing.

Also, by now you should have learned how to do research. A great part of that involves reading. I mention that because if you'd read the Please read the Daniweb Posting Rules you might have noticed the part about hijacking/reviving old threads.

hi! I'm a new here but i badly needed help
i need a help about 1 hardware system proposal for our design and 1 software proposal for our Object Oriented Programming. can you sudgest about it a unique proposal that we going to create to hardware in DESIGN and a software to be programmed in OOP please.

commented: EG. Hiding your request won't help. Make a new post. -3

Kailangan ko ng thesis please help me