What to code?
post useful things that you do repetitively on a daily basis(must be non Windows or Mac )
specific that you would like automated but don't have the time to code?(as my machine is too slow to run windows or mac sorry :( )

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I use Windows on a repetitive daily basis. If your gear can't handle it that sucks. Write your own lightweight OS in Assembly or C :)


If your machine is too slow to run windows or mac, you shouldn't be telling people to post what they do on a daily basis, cos it mostly involves Windows or Mac! you should be thinking of changing your machine....


Let me Clarify Must be Non windows api and non mac api, I can Cross compile you know i just won't be able to debug it like normal.


system specs for the record:

733mhz intel celeron
512mb of ram
8gb hard drive
dvd drive
256mb nvidia geforce 6600

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Using Win/Mac is like breathing to me. I suppose I must repetitively fumble around with my hardware (keyboard, laptop), a brain interface solves that problem.

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