deleteCont(){/*function in deleting contacts*/
	printf("enter contact you want to delete: ");
	j = 0;
	while(strcmp(contacts[j],find) != 0){/*start of while loop*/
		if (strcmp(contacts[i],find) == 0){/*start of first while loop*/
			printf("you want to delete %s",contacts[i]);
			size = strlen(contacts[j]);
			for(i = 0 ; i < size ; i++){/*start of 2nd for loop*/
				if(contacts[j] != '\0'){
					contacts[j][i] = '\0';
			printf("contact deleted!!!!");
		}else if(strcmp(contacts[i],find) != 0 && j > 21){
		printf("Contact name not found!!!\n");
	j = j + 1;

could anyone help me!!find problem!!!
i dont know if i'm wrong or i'm correct with this??
tnxx in advance...

What problem? We didn't write the code so we don't know if it's right or wrong either. It might help to tell us what you're having problems with. We aren't psychic -- we're programmers.

But I knew you would say those things...

sorry!!!..for that...
my question is,,,,Is my program it right replacing the value of every array into a null character......cause i'm just a begginer i don't know....much yet in C....

Print the data and see. Your best test to see if something worked is to look at the values by displaying them, or using the debugger.

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