How to open already present text file... So user can see the data in that file... I dont mean FileInput or OutputStream open.

You need to provider better description of what you want as above doesn't tell us anything.
>>How to open already present text file
File where on user system, on server, in memory?

>>So user can see the data in that file
See it where GUI view, in the browser, or some native application(Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader...)

>>I dont mean FileInput or OutputStream open
And what do you mean? We do not see on what sort of project you are working, or what is happening in your head so we would know what you about....

Given number of posts you already made one would expect higher quality of problem description instead of tree sentences.

Thanx for a great Lecture. Watch the attachment... I simply mean opening a file, like u open my computer in windows.

I have already created the file in c drive now i want to display it on the screen through java.

1) Watch your attitude, it is not first time you asked a question with very little explanation and expecting immediate answer, coming back latter moaning that nobody is helping you. Questions get answered faster when we know what exactly person wish to achieve and not when we second guess what they actually mean to achieve.

2) So am I correct to assume you wish to call on some system installed application (Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader), providing file name and want to have it opened?

1) We have a culture difference. I simply say thanx.
2) I already explained my all previous question. I got each one solution on different forums but not here i dont know why.... but still i like this forum i dont know the reason....
3) Yes u are right application already installed , just want to open the file.
4) :-)

This can usually can be achieved by Runtime class, I had a post on it few year back that you can see here. What you would have to do is execute application name and give it absolute file path. Secondly you can use something like JACOB library (small tutorial)

Thank you peter.... I forget this thing.... It will solve my problem. And dont be angry dude........ Thanx again

You welcome, just in future please, please provide more in detail description. This does greatly help us minimize unnecessary communication of more info demands and providing too much general info that may not be helpful.