hi, i want to compile a file through the makefile command.Once i type make example it says that it is up to date but when i try to run it (correct me if I'm wrong ./example) it says that permission was denied..does anybody have any clue about that?

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Posting makefile may actually help.

uuuuh what do you mean? post the inner code?

example: example.o
	gcc -o example example.o -Wall -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11

HelloX.o: HelloX.c
	gcc -o example.o example.c -c -ansi -pedantic -Wall

Is example built by you, or did it come with the source code? I suspect latter. Try to

rm example; make example

BTW, second rule looks really strange.

yeap it's how we are supposed to compile it...

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