Hey, everyone. I'm just here to ask a really simple, quick question. Is Better Programmer accurate in the sense that it truly tells you how good you are at Java programming? Also, I am 14 years old, and what would a score of 93% be (as in terrible, bad, average, good, excellent) in the real world? Thanks in advance.

well ... just like the website itself says:

Why another test?
Once again, this test asks programmers to program. For real.

Forget about multiple-choice questions.

This type of Java certification doesn't prove anything.

There are a lot of "programmers" who know Java syntax and libraries but cannot implement simple algorithms or come up with a decent design.

you don't "learn" to develop software by doing tests. you learn writing software, by .. writing software, especially not if you can complete the tasks in an IDE which provides auto-complete of code.

It would be a bit more help if you were limited to notepad, but yet .. off course, it doesn't hurt anything to do so, just don't expect to be a A-developer because you finished this test.