In Visual Basic 6 I have written a program to read and write to a file. It works fine. Now I have to do the same for binary data since the information I write to the file has end-of-line and return characters. For instance, when I write to the file, the data looks like this:


Because there is a break in the data. In debug mode, the text data has two boxes where the end-of-line and return characters go.

Anyway, does anyone have any example code of binary level reading and writing to and from a file?

The character codes for that are vbcr and vblf (also vbcrlf) which translate to chr(13) and chr(10) (those are carriage return and line feed). So, if it would be easier for you to merely check for an occurance of either of those in a string using instr, and replacing the offending character with the replace function, that might be an easier solution for you. However, if you want to leave the file completely unchanged, and merely write the file as it is with binary:

Dim B() As Byte
Dim srcFile as string
dim destFile as string

' /* Change This To your File */
srcFile = "c:\somefile.exe"
destFile = "c:\destination.exe"

Open srcFile For Binary Access Read As #1
     ReDim B(LOF(1) - 1) 
     Get #1, , B
Close #1

open destfile for binary access write as #1
     put #1, , B
close #1

Let me know what you come up with.