Hey guys I basically finished reading Beginning Visual C++ 2010 with Ivor Horton, I skipped the MFC part as I am more interested in the Win API which there's was only one third of a chapter on(not enough) and I was wondering if Programming Windows, Fifth Edition by Charles Petzold is something worth reading still even if it is as old as it is?
Or is there a different book you would recommend I get instead that is more current where I can learn about making windows and doing various things with them?

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In my personal opinion, I found books to be not very helpful once you get past learning the language syntax and some basic concepts(AKA When you first try to pick up programming). When it comes to learning specific API's, or really anything, I found that the internet is your best friend, and much more complete as far as "examples" go.
If you want to learn the win32 api, use MSDN.com

I suggest you to read programming windows charles petzold 5 edition. Once you have finished with that book you will have a good knowledge of win api. From my experience, the first source for learning should be only books and than an internet, becouse an internet for ME is a big knowlegde base but to get from it you must have a question and questions comes from what you know. From my otinion books provide more profesional literature than an internet.

I started reading Programming Windows 5th Edition by Charles Petzold. Thanks to both responders.

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