How to Load data with refrential integrity in java (Teradata).

if I ran the work flow the data should be loaded to final table. so that i need to populate the source tables with proper refrential data.
how to populate refrential data to the source table properly.

Thanks in advance.

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What do u want to ask, referential integrity isnt any matter with java....Sql Classes in java load data according to query and you can show them in any table as you want.

For Example t1,t2,t3,t4,t5.
t1 and t2 is the source for t3.
t3 and t4 is the source for t5.
t5 is the target table.

In order to load data to t3, t1 and t2 tables are loaded data with key values.
Like that we need to load data to all the source tables with key values.
Here tables are not same.It might differ based on requirement.
key values are differ based on tables.

Is it clear?

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