I am trying to use Code::Block, But I still get some problem like when I'm using DevC++. In Watch Windows, I want to see A array. (example: int A[5][5]). but in debug windows, I will appear from top to down:


This style is to difficult for me to trace an Double Array. I want to view like Free-Pascal:

A[1][1] A[1][2] A[1][3]...
A[2][1] A[2][2] A[2][3]...
A[5][1] A[5][2] A[5][3]...

Who know this problem, please answer to me please :(

thanks for all :)

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If I'm reading your post correctly, you want to change how the watch window in your IDE shows arrays? I'll go out on a limb and say that you're SOL unless you want to write a plugin to alter the behavior.

Sorry if I say something wrong. I don't know "I'm SOL" mean (my bad English :|) But I think it means I'm doing something useless. But in my opinion, if EXIST a tool to write this plugin, I think It will be easy. (sound like easy algorithm, but hard to code !!!).

At last, cannot change this problem, huh :( Who has other idea, please give me advice, please :)

I don't know "I'm SOL" mean

It means shit out of luck. In other words, you can't do what you want.

But in my opinion, if EXIST a tool to write this plugin, I think It will be easy.

A tool doesn't exist, you would have to write the plugin yourself.

I found how to fix this Problem: use Code::Block Nightfall version :) You can read this on Code::Block forum.
@:maybe, the question about Code::Block can easy answer on Code::Block forum, etc :)

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