i have some data in the listview,
maybe someone can help me..

how the script to insert all of the data in the listview into table..
help me please ..


thanks,, sarah :)

You have to create columns of listView to dataTable (with a bit of a List<T> help), then loop through the listView to fill dataTable:

'lets assume we have 3 column in listView!!

'get columns:
Dim listOfColumns As New List(Of String)()
For Each column As ColumnHeader In listView1.Columns

'create DataTable:
Dim table As New DataTable("myTable")
For Each column As String In listOfColumns
	table.Columns.Add(column, GetType(String))

'fill table with datafrom listView

Dim row As DataRow
Dim i As Integer = 0
For Each item As ListViewItem In listView1.Items
	row = table.NewRow()
	'define for each column in listView:
	row(listOfColumns(i)) = item.Text
	row(listOfColumns(i)) = item.SubItems(1).Text
	row(listOfColumns(i)) = item.SubItems(2).Text