Hello Members,

I am looking into using Java to be able to model/simulate (MODSIM) discrete and continuous systems in the areas of traffic modeling, birth/death process, spread of disease etc. I have a working knowledge of Java. I have a good grasp of calculus and differential equations.

I am looking for a MODSIM software that is:

a)Free and Java based

b)Does most of the graphics/animation and allows for 3D Visualization

c)Allows for Java Extensions

Any recommendations?

Thank you!

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Are you looking to write some java programs and need help doing that?

Your post seems to be a search for some product.


Perhaps no one has any useful recommendations for you?

I found this with a quick search, but I don't know a thing about it.

It's a rather esoteric request that you've made, so you can't necessarily assume that people are simply ignoring your post. Most probably just don't have the information you're seeking.

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Well... That... and the fact that you only waited 17 hours for a reply.
Do you really think that someone is just monitoring this forum waiting for YOUR question???

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