Hello Members,

I am looking into using Java to be able to model/simulate (MODSIM) discrete and continuous systems in the areas of traffic modeling, birth/death process, spread of disease etc. I have a working knowledge of Java. I have a good grasp of calculus and differential equations.

I am looking for a MODSIM software that is:

a)Free and Java based

b)Does most of the graphics/animation and allows for 3D Visualization

c)Allows for Java Extensions

Any recommendations?

Thank you!

Hello Members,

Could someone please reply?

Thank you!

Are you looking to write some java programs and need help doing that?

Your post seems to be a search for some product.

Perhaps no one has any useful recommendations for you?

I found this with a quick search, but I don't know a thing about it.

It's a rather esoteric request that you've made, so you can't necessarily assume that people are simply ignoring your post. Most probably just don't have the information you're seeking.

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Hello Guys,

Thanks a lot for your replies!


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Well... That... and the fact that you only waited 17 hours for a reply.
Do you really think that someone is just monitoring this forum waiting for YOUR question???