This one is confusing me, is it if else statement or case?... :?:
The month to be used will be July and the month starts Monday. I need to make a program that will ask a user to input a number (1-31) and out put the day of the week (Mon-Sun) as well as which week (1st-5fth) the day falls on. If the number entered is outside the range 1-31, output error to both requirements..

Example out put will be like this:
Please enter number : 1
Day: Monday
Week: 1st week

Trust me. I already tried to make a program of it but end up fail.. :sad:
Plus our professor didn't even to us explain to us on how to do it.

If you have tried then post your attempt so that we can help you.

okay~...kindly wait..and please don't laugh at my