i am working in project that i have multiple frame so i used with my project static variables but i cannot use these array with my table in another frame too many exception is appered and my frame that cotain the table doesnot apper how can i solve this problem

too many exception is appered

please copy and paste them here if you want help resolving them.

You have several problems that will require you to post some code showing what is happening for anyone to be able to help.

Please wrap your code in code tags using the [CODE} icon above the input box.

@lena1990 if you can instead of passing objects between different frames why don't you just change panels and pass around data object that populate these panels?

here is the code in the displaying frame:

private JTable table=new JTable(ll.row,ll.column)

here is the code of th ll frame for the two array:

public static Object row[][]=new Object[12][12];
public static Object column[]=new Object[12];

What is the posted code supposed to show?
Can you explain why you have posted this code?

Can you post your full code at least where these problems arise.Otherwise I could not understand your problem.

i have two frame the first frame(it is named login) has two arrays i defined them as static variables here is the code

public static Object[] [] data =
{ {"Marsha", new Integer(18)},
{"Jan", new Integer(17)},
{"Cindy", new Integer(16)} };
public static String[] colNames = {"First Name","Age"};

now in the second frame(it is named display) i want to call the arrays and put them in the jtable so here is the code:

JTable table1=new JTable(login.data,login.colNames);