i have developed java application in netbeans 7.0. the application connects to the mysql database in the same computer.
what i need to do is make a stand alone application that would not require netbeans in order to be executed, also i want the database to be a part of it so if i transported the application to a different computer it would still be able to work and save/edit/delete whatever information on that database.

simply i want a stand alone application that works anywhere and on any machine. each machine would fill the database with its own data

any suggestions will be appreciated

thank you

Some of this depends on the operatng system and if the database is on a server or on the same machine as the app.

[Simplest form] Database is on a server different from the app.
You will need to create a .JAR file containing all of the classes needed for your app.
If the database access settings are the same on the second machine, you should not have to do anything else special to make it work.

Let me know if your situation is more complicated than this.

thank you very much for your response .well on the second machine mysql database is not even installed. so i was wondering whether it is possible to still make the application portable.
mysql database is not on the server only on the local machine that needs to be transferred on other machine with minimum assistance.