I've compiled this but can't get it to work properly, It runs fine and shows no errors in the console

console output:

C:\~\~\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\loadEXE\Debug>loadEXE.exe AcceleratedC++Exe_2-0.exe
Original EXE loaded (PID = 4068).
Original Base Addr = 110000, Size = 29000
Unmapped and Allocated Mem for New EXE at 400000
EIP = 772501C4
EAX = 12141F
EBX = 7EFDE000
ECX = 0
EDX = 0
New EXE Image Size = 25000
New EXE image injected into process.
********> EIP = 772501C4
********> EAX = 411307
Process resumed (PID = 4068).

However I get this error.


I'm new to the PE format and can't figure out why this is happening, the article is old so I'm not sure if it even works on 64b but I don't have a spare 32b CD to test.

Can anyone confirm if this works on 32b?
or know why I'm getting this error?

Are you able to step into a new debug instance and attach the child executable to the debug process to see where the exception is thrown?

I don't imagine that you could even attach exe_4.5.exe to the debug according to your error message, just wondering how the debug process goes before compiling this.