I am starting this thread to gather some useful information before i start my work

I am working on a project which takes user information and store it in database.. Now each user has seperate department's. I simply want to attach the user information to pre-configured outlook with department email....

Any idea from where to start... I have some seen documentation regrading to java to outlook api but didnt get it all.... Some easy phrases from professional will make things very easy for me.

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sorry for my input, because I'm not professional, and with my knowledge about Java would be a great impudence coding anything in this PL :-)

JXTreeTable or Outline by Netbeans are basen on JTreeTable (again somebody sometimes to forgot for something, for JTreeTable especially, long time without any progress)

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Direct access to Outlook from Java is a real pain. It's a COM interface, but com4j seems to have big bugs with Outlook and Jacob is really hard to use (those are the two realistic Java/COM bridges).
However, some scripting languages have direct access to COM interfaces, and with the tight integration of scripting languages into Java's latest versions, it may be a lot easier to go via a scripting language.


Which scripting language u prefer? I simply want to provide email address in "TO" field and attachment, rest is handled by user itself....

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