Using the following code:

public byte[] dxfData;
int dxfpointer;
byte newbyte;

StringBuilder layerName = new StringBuilder();

newbyte = dxfData[dxfpointer];
while (newbyte != 0x0d) //stops at a CR
    newbyte = dxfData[dxfpointer];
string newstring = layerName.ToString();
label1.Text = newstring;

The label shows the numbers for the ASCII letters
that were picked up from the ASCII dxf file.
The text that was loaded to the SringBuilder
string (layerName) was BORDER.
What shows on the form "label1" is 667982686982.
How can I get the output to show the ASCII text
not the numbers???

try changing line 10 to layerName.Append((char)newbyte);

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