hey guys so I'm studying a unit called Object Oriented Analysis its not one of my strongest units so i need some help in the concept of understanding UML

and i have a exam coming up and i was if you guys could help me understand the basic concepts

here are some outcomes:
• Test your understanding of important terminologies, concepts in Object
• Test you analysis skill based on your experience

sample questions:

Sample of Long Answer Questions
Q1. Identify at least FOUR Actors for the given problem
statement, including one Non-Human Actor. Identify
FOUR use cases corresponding to these actors. Create
TWO corresponding Use case diagrams and place the
Actors and Use cases you have identified. Ensure you
have stereotyped use cases and notes to explain your
design. (Note: you are welcome to have more actors
and/or use cases for completeness)

Q2. Document in detail a use case you have identified from
question Q1. Ensure you write the use case in sufficient
detail to enable you to identify good classes from it.

any suggestions would be helpful

along with ideas of what to study

thanks guys

I suggest you take a look at a book called "Fast Track to UML 2.0" or you can google notes on Use Case diagrams as its what ur exam seems to be focusing on. The notes will explain to u what an actor is etc, so that you are able to identify it in a scenario. All the best.