Hello all,
I need a step by step spring tutorial since i am new to spring framework books seems to be more theoretical and i need a more practical tutorials , please help Thanks

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Not sure what books you been looking at (everyone has his own reading style), but I'm reading at the moment Pro Spring 2.5 and it is reasonably well written (beside expect that most of them will have upfront lot of theory as they will be trying to explain main principles of Spring’s Inversion of Control) also Spring in Action, Third Edition seems to have good reviews

well i was reading spring in action second edition ... i got the point the book is discussing but i need to practice by myself most of the code examples are parts of a big project , i am trying to find a website or a book in which it shows up the problem and try to solve it step by step using spring (by the way when i was reading in action i felt that i was reading history i think it suffers shortage of code examples ), Thanks alot

As I said everyone has different reading style, plus reading style of technical stuff will change for most of us over time(soon you will not need step-by-step guide, just something to refer to like Spring in Action). If you want to have some progressing story you should try the other book I said I'm reading, Pro Spring 2.5(link to Google books preview). Books goes through few example applications like Pet Clinic Application, PetPortal Application, ImageDB Application (direct link here)

Yes you are right over time reading style of technical stuff will change , well i am searching for that book pro-spring , i read some lines of it (google book preview). Thanks a lot :)

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