Dear sirs,

I would just like to ask a quick question:

What control would i use for creating a paint-like program but with layered features?

It was a choice between GlassPane (but am not to sure how to use it despite the fact i have been up all night researching which control to use) or a JLayeredPane.

If someone could give me a bit of a general idea of what control to use, basics on how it works i would be very grateful.

Kind regards,


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both aren't userfriedly, if there needed something overlay, then look for paintComponent() JLayeredPane, because is not confortable paint() Graphics2D to GlassPane/RootPane

otherwise (if is possible) to look for CardLayout

Thank you for your quick reply, i shall try my best to implement a JLayeredPane Component.

Kind regards,


Dear sir/ madam,

I have encountered a problem, a JLayeredPane will only handle a maximum of 5 layers.

Is there any other tool i can use?

Kind regards,


JDesktop with JInternalFrame

you can save layers in the form of bufferedimage type vector.
Retrive or repaint the needed layers when wanted.

Yes, a List of BufferedImages may be a useful way to go, especially if you wish to merge layers later or flatten to a single image.

What component would i display them on though?

Kind regards,


i guess it wouldnt matter too much would it?


Nope, wouldn't matter. JPanel, JLabel, or even just an extension of JComponent.

Thank you very much Ezzaral.

Kind regards,


Thank efxee, I just agreed with his/her suggestion. :)

Thanks too to efxee :D.

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