can someone show me how to prompt user to input a number from 0-35 and if the number is less than or equal to 9 it will display the number but if it is greater than nine it will store it as A=10, B=11, C=12...... By using the cast operator static_cast<char> (), for numbers greater than or equal to 10

thank you

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Have you written any part of this, yet?
If you truly understand your requirements, this is an extremely simple program.
If you don't (at lest) learn this part, you will never understand programming (especially in C++).

First ask yourself WHY values from 0-9 are not going to be printed.

I fixed it. Sorry i just started programming

Thank You

No need to be sorry.
A lot of people simply want their homework done for them without any effort on their part. Most of us here answering questions do so because we love to code and want others to love it, too.

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