I'm looking at getting started with wxWidgets. I currently use Dev C++ as my IDE for C++ coding. wx Widgets looks very promising and could speed up my development if used. Though what the site doesn't state (at-least none that I've found) is whether it's an IDE of its own or does it interrate with other IDEs. Will it integrate with Dev C++ or must I switch. Infact, on the topic of switching IDEs, should I switch from DevC++ to Code::Blocks or something else? I understand Dev C++ is no longer developed yet there is something called wxDevC++ but it says that it has a form designer that's associated with wxWidgets. Should I get that instead? Or instead, is there another completely better solution? Thanks in advance.

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You should not use Dev-C++, just because it's old and un-supported. I tried to compile wx on Windows some time ago (about 2 years ago, when I still knew little about programming), but it was just too complicated. On linux, I think WxWidgets came pre-build with Code::Blocks, so all I had to do is include <wx.h> (and yes, I use Code::Blocks on Linux. GCC with command line just takes too much time). I advise you to switch to Code::Blocks, and install WxWidgets with Code::Blocks.

So ditch Dev-C++ (by the way, what happened to them?) and switch to Code:Blocks for all my C/C++ endeavours? Then get WxWidgets?
Ok, got it ;D

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