Does anyone know how to create a custom report for the data that is in a datagridview? My app is nearly complete but would like to spice it up a bit and be able to create a report button,that, once clicked, creates a simple report. I only need one specific column of data retrieved to create the report. I have a membership column in my dgv. The following are the only valid values that can go inside the membership column: 1. OWNER 2. MEMBER 3. GUEST.
Here is what I need it to do:
1. Retrieve all membership values from my dgv, and count how many per value. (EXAMPLE: 2 OWNERS, 17 MEMBERS, 55 GUESTS)

I hope someone can help as I have NEVER worked with reports before. Thanks in advance!

Use Crystal Reports. You can create fields, and pass parameters to them (inside parameters there are your data).
Check this website, and check all the links bellow.

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