I'm using the Win32 API to create a game, and I want to give the player as big of a field of view as possible. The problem is, with the game engine I've developed (from Michael Morrison's Beginning Game Programming), I can minimize and close the program, but I can't maximize it. I also can't resize the window.
Is there a decent way for me to make that grayed-out maximize button regular, and be able to resize the window?
I didn't consider posting the source code of the WHOLE game engine (including .cpp and header files) important, but if it helps, I could.

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Check the WM_CREATE switch statement in WinProc() to see if the buttons are greyed out there.

What would the code to disable/enable the maximize button look like? All I have under WM_CREATE is:

      // Set the game window and start the game
      return 0;

I don't do any windows programming, so I don't know the actual API call, but I do know that there is a window property that controls that. To activate the maximize button, the "MaximizeBox" property needs to be set to "True". If you have a window style definition, you may be able to do it in there.

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