Hello, im sort of an intermediate programmer that has never installed a library on java before could anyone please tell me how to install this library on java so I could use the charts functionality, Please there are all sorts of folders in there I really dont know what to do HELP:


I can import any functionality because the package or library isnt somewhere, which I dont know where to put it.. please and thank oyu for any help

The ideal way would be to use some sort of artifact manager like Maven or Ivy to manage your libraries. If you aren't aware of any of those and want to get started as quickly as you can, visit: http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/jfree and download the latest versions of "jcommon" and "jfreechart". Put those JAR files in your project's classpath (I'm assuming you are using some sort of IDE like Netbeans/Eclipse) and you should be good to go in terms of running JFreeChart snippets.

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