Can someone please help me go over these codes? There are no bugs in all except and I have no idea why. The lines that are causing me problems are:

/** Returns an iterator of the elements stored at the nodes */
  public Iterator<E> iterator() {
	   Iterable<Position<E>> positions = positions();
	   PositionList<E> elements = new NodePositionList<E>();
	   for (Position<E> pos: positions) 
	    return elements.iterator();  // An iterator of elements

The error is that I can only iterate from an array or an instance of java.lang.Iterable

I attached all the files, excluding the exception classes

I think it would help if you let the LinkedBinaryTree class implement Iterable<E>.
Then, you should be able to iterate in a for loop.

I found another way to do it. I deleted and and then imported java.util.Iterator

Great, good luck with the project!

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