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Dear, kind python experts,

I'm quite new to this program having only started 2 days ago, but the program I want appears to be relatively simple and I've managed to copy most of the important code from other examples. In a nutshell, I want to
1) Open a txt file with 3 columns (time, x, and y) and convert them into lists
2) Animate a graph showing a line moving to x and y in real time.
I've managed to cobble together both types of programs.
the first basically looks like this

def xPoints():
	count = 0
	xlist = []
	lines = open('./test.txt')
	for line in lines:
		split_line = re.split(',\W*',line)
		x = float(split_line[1].strip())
		count = count + 1
	return xlist

which I know works because I can

xstuff = xPoints()
print xstuff

I've also managed to get the second program, which right now just draws a y = x line into infinity:

class SubplotAnimation(animation.TimedAnimation):

    def __init__(self):
        fig = plt.figure()
        ax1 = fig.add_subplot(1, 1, 1)
        self.t = np.linspace(0, 80, 400)
        self.x = self.t*100
        self.y = self.t*100
        self.z = 10 * self.t

        self.line1a = Line2D([], [], color='red', linewidth=2)
        self.line1e = Line2D([], [], color='red', marker='o', markeredgecolor='r')
        ax1.set_xlim(-1000, 1000)
        ax1.set_ylim(-1000, 1000)
        ax1.set_aspect('equal', 'datalim')

        animation.TimedAnimation.__init__(self, fig, interval=50, blit=True)

    def _draw_frame(self, framedata):
        i = framedata
        head = i - 1
        head_len = 10
        head_slice = (self.t > self.t[i] - 1.0) & (self.t < self.t[i])

        self.line1a.set_data(self.x[head_slice], self.y[head_slice])
        self.line1e.set_data(self.x[head], self.y[head])

        self._drawn_artists = [self.line1a, self.line1e]

    def new_frame_seq(self):
        return iter(range(self.t.size))
ani = SubplotAnimation()

So I pasted the first code right above the second code and then tried to change this

self.t = np.linspace(0, 80, 400)
        self.x = self.t*100
        self.y = self.t*100

to this:

self.t = tPoints()
        self.x = xPoints()
        self.y = yPoints()

but when I do this, I get errors

If I put the def xPoints(): into a class points(): , then try to print points(), it prints "<__main__.points instance at 0x0399F148>"
If I don't put def xPoints(): into a class, I get this error:
Traceback (most recent call last):
etc etc
File "", Line 76, in _draw_frame
self.line1a.set_data(self.x[head_slice], self.y[head_slice])
TypeError: only integer arrays with one element can be converted to an index.

So I'm pretty much stuck at this point. I appreciate that its kind of a long shot asking for help, but it seems like such a simple program that someone would be able to answer it without breaking a sweat. I really appreciate any help on this! Let me know if I can provide any additional information.


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