Hey I am using SHLoadImageFile API ,but i am facing prob in loading images (jpeg) of bigger size. Can anyone help me to solve this?

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Where's the code? We aren't mind readers, you know.

Ok!! Here is a brief description followed by the code.
I am trying to load the image from the device, and trying to get its attributes
hBmp = SHLoadImageFile(szFilePath); //szFilePath- refers to loaction of the image
//error msg

// code to get the attributes of the image.

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I have some more questions:

  1. Does your code work with smaller size JPGs?
  2. If answer to #1 is yes, are you freeing your handle with DeleteObject(hbmp) afterwards?

1)works absolutely fine for the lower resolution images.
2)Yes I am freeing the handle as you have said.
I am loading images of different resolutions(from higher to lower resolution).
The problem I am facing is this API wont return a valid handle when i try to load an image of higher resolution(size :640kb),but works absolutely fine for the rest of the lower resolution images.

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I just did some quick research on Google. It seems that the API cannot handle high resolution images. I'm afraid you might have to go with something else, maybe even a 3rd party lib. Sorry!

Hmmm yeah may be... Thanks for your help...

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