Hello Everyone ,

I have developed a windows application with mysql database server.
i have installed it to client machine also.
Now,the problem comes when i restart mysql server or server computer.
After i restart server,client application can not able connect to server .
if i disable network and enable again then it started. user can log in after that application works fine also but this problem comes only when i restart server computer or mysql.
connection string is as follows:

<connection string key="mycon" value="sever="ip address" database="dbname" password="pwd"/>

its seems like client can not get host ip address.
but it works after i make network ip as above
i tried to solve but couldn't found any.
Pls give me any solution for this .

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Are you attempting to stay connected to the database at all times or only when a query happens?

only when application runs and depends up on user's action to application.
i have already coded open/close database connection .


Off Your Windows FireWall of Both Computers client and server..
set Your Server IP.

Check this with out Internet Connection.. Only LAN Connection Required.

I can't change firewall setting on server computer there are some web based application are also running from server.
i have found that there are two LAN card at client machine
Is it creating a problem?

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