Hi everyone....iam electronics engineering student and i have experienced some c++ ,i mean i know till oop basics... i want to learn scriptig language for EDA, i want to know which to learn...Perl or Python?....can python do everything perl can do??....i hear that perl is much harder to learn...is it right?...thnx in advance...

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start with learning English, it'll serve you a lot better than any scripting language...

After that, give up on the idea of wanting one that's as close as possible to C++, as that's utterly irrelevant in selecting your tools of the trade.

Am I in English class?.... if you don't have the answer of my question,shut the fuck up and don't comment..

commented: Also, you should go to manners class. -1
commented: This is not called for. -3

People who write posts that are grammatically correct are far more likely to get their question answered, especially over people who abuse ellipses and can't be bothered to write out "thanks" vs. thnx.
You also came here for help, don't attack those who reply to your questions. This makes people a lot less likely to help you.

Here's something to help you find an answer on your own:
Searching on Google.

This took a minute or two of finding, as the first couple of results seem a bit biased.

ok...i am sorry for my rudeness...English is not my first language...but also i think i am not here for learning some grammar lessons...thanks anyway...and i am sorry again jwenting

It looks like Python is more similar to C++ than Perl. Perl has some strange syntax that allows if statements after the command, and it appears that a lot of variables in perl don't have any real typing, and it varies with how you use them.

Python is syntatically more similar to C++, but it depends on whitespace and tab spacing to know where everything goes, unlike C++ where most whitespace is only needed to make the code more readable. Remember, though, that Python is ultimately a scripting language, and it never really compiles into a binary.

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